I know that it can seem very hard to understand, but it really isn’t, this is how colors works for us, how we want to work together with the colors to let the colors help us reach the right expression and give our viewer the right feeling.

But if you do think this is a bit tricky still, concentrate on the three first and most basic color schemes:

Monochromatic, Analogous and the Complementary color schemes.

Those are enough to know really, but you have to know them in order to understand the language of your colleagues, such as wardrobe stylists, photographers, art directors and so on.

There are a few basics we need to know as a start, our; drawing technique, our color schemes, our morphology, this is the foundation we need to become good artists, but for us it doesn’t stop there, we also need to know the colors and the science of lighting and on top of that we need to know a few techniques to apply it all, together with some knowledge of materials, products and the consistent of them we can get paid for doing the job of being a part of a team, helping our clients get out and reach their clients and costumers by us making the visual expression they wished for come true.