Basic Color wheel 2

Color wheels can look different and be more or less, complicated, because of course there a grades of everything when it comes to color too, just to make it more tricky. But This color wheel shows it quite good, in a not to complicated scheme. But I will try to run you through this in small pieces, and step by step, so just be patient!
Anyway, in this chart you see on opposite of one of the red colors there are a more olive green, here called yellow-green, and thats more of the type of green used in corrector makeup, since it’s more close to some skin tones. And it naturalizes red-violet colors good, and thats more of the red colors we have in or on or skin, think of the color of our blood, it’s not red-orange exactly. But this is the foundation you need to know before we can start to add the actual makeup in skin tones, with this in your mind I will continue with some color schemes that can help you a lot if you know them as a base, before we get into the makeup products.