I found this, sketches and text, on a makeup blog named

makeup for life” which is a nice blog overall, but when it comes to do the part to where ones are trying to explain the forms and shapes of the eyes and how we can with corrector makeup, or, for that matter,  use makeup to correct forms and shapes that we dislike or like to make an illusion of a more balanced esthetical expression. Anyway, I will try to at least get you to understand the essential point of making these sketches and what they are suppose to help you with, but sadly I have to say, very seldom will help you with, though theres nothing wrong whith the effort trying.


Wide-set eyes

How to do makeup on wide-set eyes

To make wide-set eyes appear close together, blend a taupe or brown shadow from the beginning of the brow down the sides of your nose to make the eyebrows appear closer together. Use a darker color in the inner half of the eyelid and blend it close to the corner of the nose to “pull” your eyes together. Save the lighter color for the outer half of the lid. When applying eyeliner, start from the inner corner of the eyes and stop right at the outer corner. Do not extend the line upwards or past the outer corner.

Close-set eyes

How to do makeup on close-set eyes

Like-wise, to make close-set eyes look wider apart, use a darker color on the outer half of the eyelid. Extend it above the eye and under the brow. Use a lighter color on the inner half and line your eyes starting from the middle and extend it up and out.

Deep-set eyes

How to do makeup on deep-set eyes

Avoid using a dark color on the eyelid which will only make your eyes look more recessed. Instead, opt for a lighter color and place a darker color only under the brow bone. Line your top and bottom lash lines and extend the line past the corner and upwards.

Round eyes

How to do makeup on round eyes

Blend your eyeshadow from the center of the eyelid and deepen it at the outer edge of the eye, extending it beyond the outer corner. Elongate your eyes by extending the liner past your outer corner for about 1/4 of an inch.

Droopy eyes

How to do makeup on droopy eyes

To uplift droopy eyes, use a light color from your lash line all the way to the brow bone. Line your upper lashes, extending the line diagonally upwards at the outer corner. Apply a darker eyeshadow from the extended liner to the crease. Blend inward and upward from the outer corner. Avoid lining your lower lashes but if you must, make sure the line is thin.

Small eyes
On smaller eyes, apply a light color on the lid and a darker color on the crease. Highlight the inner corner of your eyes with a shimmery color to open them up and remember to curl your lashes and apply mascara on both top and bottom.

If you are a beginner in eyeshadow application, remember to check out the most common terms used in eyeshadow application.

Photos: The Beauty Review.


Okej, good intensions, but for me looking at these drawings, theres basically no difference in them, at least not enough difference to actually teach someone to understand the art of doing makeup and and the art of working with light and dark, you remember art class in school?  😉

To be continued….