Okey… I found this cover of a magazine, it’s some cute little blog person that are into fashion… but if it was me, i’d cry… I hope she at least did her make up and hair herself, ’cause if it’s someone that actually gotten paid to make her look like a “narrow eyed balloonhead”, that person should from now on go look for a new job. And so should whoever did the lousy print do… what about those lines in middle of her face, was on all the magazines? O.o

This is the original pic:


And here I will talk about some of the form that this makeup does not help her with, like as for now it just making her eyes look like they sitting way too close to each other ^^


First of all, who ever did this did not care about the area within the yellow circle that are dark and will only push the eye towards the middle of the face, making the eyes come closer together. Then as it looks, did not take much advantage of the space between the area of the outer end of the eye and the end of the brow. Here it almost looks like the eye ends in middle of the eyebrow^^ and since this girl has gotten a lot of space till where her hairline starts from where the eyes ends, it’s necessary to take advantage of this area for corrector makeup, ’cause now it almost looks like the makeup artist here instead took advantage of this blond, really narrow eyed girl, that are some kind of fashion blog person, yes people will think: “Not all that smart, but kind of cute”, though this makeup person must have seen her chance to make this girl look really “blond” with making her eyes look like they are in the middle of her forehead…. I don’t think that’s a good way of representing our occupation as good artists.

And with that making the hair all flat on the sides and high on top when she’s got a quite oval head, she’s getting more of a egg shaped head, not flattering at all.


So how could it been done in a better way then??

Well, there are many ways to do things towards good balance, but I’ll show you one way where at least the eyes will look more balanced in her face, and just look at it shapewise.

I shortened the left brow a little, so they doesn’t come so close together, to make the impression a little wider, put more highlight in the inner corner of the eye, and used darker shades of different tones from the outer corner of the eye towards the hairline. This will also cover up her wrinkles in the outer corner of her eyes.

Making it a little more smudgy under her eye will also make a illusion of her eye come down a little bit towards the center of her head/face, she got a long face so we don’t want her eyes to feel like their higher up then they are, no rather the feeling of further down   🙂

And also if you look at the blush on the left side I made it to take some of the illusion off that she’s got a great big area of skin in middle of face, makes the face seem a little less “too much”.

Well, just a thought!!! But now tha gal looks like the woman I sure she wants to be.