Someone actually did this makeup as a lesson…. At this page: http://www.lifeandtrend.com/beauty/makeup/smokey-eyes/
(Please fire that person, they haven’t done their homework)^^Image

It’s uneven intensity and why is there a sad look over it, both for the shape of the eye and overall 🙂

And the sharp edge in the middle of the eye bone, where you usually want to make a soft blending feeling from dark to light, to bring out the bone instead , as in this case, someone tried their best to hide this girls nice bone structure and shape of the eye…. 

I think something like this would be better looking on this girl , and on pretty much anybody actually….



This will bring her own eye shape out more…


Of course there are times we like to create a harder look and just make a dark hard shape that doesn’t bring out the best of someonces eye, that could work for a fashion show or something like that, but then do it really obvious, so no one have to be “not sure” weather you meant to do it as a more regular makeup or as a strong and little “of the wall” kind of makeup…

Here are some nice idéas…





Above: Little messy, but nice shape…




Be well and have fun!