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I am a Swedish makeup artist and hairstylist, with art school background, sculpting where my thing, but I’m alright with drawing too, I know color and form. 1989 I graduate as: “Best student in class” ^^ from Joe Blasco makeup school/Hollywood. I remember how proud I was. Been working doing makeup and hair since then. During the years in the business I have developed a few alright techniques that have helped me become quite good at understanding the variety of clients and their many wishes to bring about esthetical expressions and make their wishes come true in a visual form. I also got god skills in character makeup/design, wig making and some special effect makeup. As a hairstylist I work with hair, thinking of it more as a type of material, like clay, that I can form into different forms and shapes that will enhance the makeup or make the theme of the expression I work with at the moment stronger. And if you are a makeup artist and you say that you do hair, you have to be able to come up with great ideas, both creation wise and technically make good looking editorial hair that can be changed in a minute. I am stronger on makeup but love to work with the material hair and can say I know the material good enough to sculpt with it.

I have worked in most continents and in most arias in the business, from education, events, art, fashion, ads, commercials, music, theater, television, film to feature film. See a few old and new pieces of some of my work in the slideshow above.

I was also part of the foundation of the start of the first makeup school in Sweden, in Stockholm 1990, International Makeup Center. And I have trough the years been a part, as a teacher, mentor and/or just a friend, of many well known and wonderful artists education to reach their goals and who’s names we have seen and still can se in both national and international high fashion magazines.

Oh mine… There is lots to tell, but I have been working as a freelance make up artist since sometime 1996 and I still do, though I’m committed to teaching more at the time and this is why I just have to start this blog, to hopefully spread some wisdom and some inspiration and sort a few things out that seems to have been lost somewhere on the road to develop more schools and education for new talents in this exciting and quite demanding industry.

Anyway, I am not doing this so much for my self, and I am not trying to show off, if that had been my goal, believe me I would have done that in another way ;), with that said I am not either in the mood of making myself smaller, I AM an artist and I know I’ve got alright skills, I wouldn’t dare to try to inspire you if I thought I wasn’t quite alright at my job, but there are always many artists out there that are more skilled and have other experiences and higher skills than you, there always are, remember that and stay humble, there are nothing worse than artists/colleagues that walk around with a “Legend in their own mind” kind of attitude, we are artists, yeah! But it’s also just a job, don’t forget that, so the best thing that you can do, is to learn or know what level you are at, that will give you the chance to do your job and give yourself as an artist the most justice, and you can be brilliant at your level, and slowly grow forward to higher levels .)

What drives me is my passion for the creativity in this job and I am not at all prestigious, I’ll go where the wind blow, prestige will make you loose friends and good colleagues and make fine artists forget why they where doing this in first hand and after a few years in the business they start to talk about prostitution… -Gaaawwwd! If you sell your soul to any business for some kind of prestige, I too would talk about prostitution, but then again you are “prolly” loosing it all together ,) What I do know though is that it’s nothing wrong to be able to live on your talent, it’s just sad that some artist have such a hard times with that prestige “thingie”. If you’re humble and skilled and work hard, the prestige will find you anyway and remember these words, “what goes around, comes around”. It can really be as simple as that. And that’s also why you should never have to worry about giving new talents some help on their way to reach their goals and dreams, It will only help both you and the business grow.

It’s not my attention to make this blog commercial in the way we have seen so many times before, though in one of the most commercial worlds, I don’t think I will be able to leave the subject totally, but what I do know is that I will be able to teach and show you a few things, especially for you who are interested in little more than just learning how to copy a makeup design and apply it on anyone 🙂


And pardon my English.

Hope you enjoy!


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